Monday, May 24, 2010

Monday Morning GPS Stalking May 24, 2010 MST

Monday Morning GPS Stalkers                                      May 24, 2010 approx 10 am MST

I have written to the Health Ministry several times complaining about the criminal harassment and torture that is victmizing me coming from Alta. Government, and in general from conservatives interested in porn. I am not. As a former aish recipient, I was not supposed to be pornographized.   My engineer cousin Brian Klaponski and his engineer friends in your government do not recognize or concern themselves with how insulting porn is. Torture is insulting and does not mean anything except that brute force has won yet again. I am suffering from severe fatigue, injuries, in addition to your government’s bizarre attack on me with illegal weapons and torture systems. I do not want a person in your government to think that I would want a simple apology and then be appeased. You are the most destructive and violent predators in history. Your destruction of the environment and for the simple fact of exercising your perverse power ploys with a gps sound stalking system, & security system that cause severe environmental destruction, kills people and destroys lives is not something that gets forgiven. The complicity of the perverts in psychiatry these days means that many people suffer bizarre cruelty and don't get past the trauma of your governments torture. Children in foster care were pornographized by the fact of putting them on the net and by the social atmosphere in Alberta. Traumatized and tortured children cannot recover easily from the follies of your government. The pages of Vue and SEE show escorts, physically maimed and brutalized. You make things worse. I have witnessed other people have been run out of your province not all of them as strong even as I am. I was arbitrarily cut off aish after the 2nd sterilization manoeuvre, and run out of subsidized housing. Your government should be concerned with charges of torture, brutality, & negligence but you generally don't have lawyers available for example, for medical malpractice suits, when tools of the trade are lost or when peaceful enjoyment is destroyed and you cannot get to work. When I have tried to use your complaint mechanisms the people in your offices have dismissed my concerns as though I had requested too many chocolates. Instead they are ignoring the fact that you do not even do the job. You do not resolve complaints; you ignore them; the intention of the legislation is to protect people from negligence but instead when I complain to the Alberta Ministry of Health I am battered with brutal violence that destroys my ability to work part time and to walk. So you aggravate the situation, demeaning the people you are employed to serve, you destroy their lives and are not competent to run hospitals or medical facilities. From my experience, your staff, in the hospitals   are too often petty tyrants refusing visitors and exercising sadistic control. They are also killers not only through incompetence but intentionally and by torture. Cease and desist stalking me with your gps. I am seeking damages but you know as well as I do that the lawyers must have been run out of town. I can't afford one out of the pocket after being cut off your aish. And the cost of fleeing Alberta and being stalked in Tilma is forever- for myself, and the environment. Petty tyrants like R.A.Lockhart, of SFU and his extremely important friends are still tyrants and perverse stalker predators when you look at things in a fair hearing but I am being denied a hearing at all; my evidence accumulated and my property needed for work was looted. Being destroyed is not the solution. I am already a maimed individual from the blue machine.

And using intl stalkers doesn't mean anything except brutality over reason even if the Mr. Reason crowd believes they are winning. Chronic fatigue, fybromalalgia are diseases I am now crippled by as the result of your harassment,- and crippled to point of being unable to walk by professional abusers: the blue machine, republicane, Harpers Helpers, and all through tilma people are suffering from the Stellmach staph infection.  Because you don't know that there _is_ environmental damage as well as missing people Alberta government will be hiding its guilt and punishing others for years to come.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Policy Revision: Clients visit and lobby for the rights of one another

Isolated and vulnerable people, deserted by conventional families are often victims of labeling. Clients obviously need to act on one anothers behalf to ensure rules are obeyed by staff, that rights are respected, that documents are followed through to appropriate agencies and to defend someone in the face of cruelty. Across history conventional defenders like the Schizophrenic association have turned into diabolical monsters siding with the family to arbitrarily impose scapegoating of clients and petty cruelties because they are promised kickbacks. Psychiatrists in Canada are rubber stamp vestiges of a colonial monarchy now modernized as the rubber stamps of conservative values. Clients are bullied and abused in a million ways and rarely does this come to the fore. There are murders, overdrugging incidents, acts of brutal cruelty eg. burnings, use of isolation to intimidate and gain sexual favors has always been a big favorite of institutions where dictator personalities act out their take on reality, ect is used to torture people for crying and for assault claimed by a dubiously honest system, clients are institutionalized because they are victims of eugenics and are punished for having normal interests in children and wanting to break away from male oppression of the kind of conservative that threatens death penalty for idiosycratic disobedience eg. like not cooperating sexually, convulsions are used to frighten and as hocus pokus. I have myself experienced most of these kind of tortures in Alberta. I have not had the cooperation of reporting mechanisms in place. I am not reporting other peoples issues because of the legal difficulties that the hospitals caused afraid that the whole shebang might be sued. Before we can move to sue for negligeance or incompetance we need to fight for our right to share info with one another not only those institution advocates that are often defensive. We need to provide for lawyers willing to sue hospitals, doctors etc because the work is dangerous. In a clinic unit where there was a supervising psychiatrist, a former colonial empire, I was threatened with the electric chair in Canada. Punishment with shocks, maiming etc. is a common feature in todays economic shakedown.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Alert: Alberta Hospital Edmonton is not functioning as a decent business

I've had more harassment from Dr. Kevin Morin and his peers Attention: The loony bin in Alta. proper


Cc:;;; Better Business Bureau ;;;;;; Elder Advocates Of Alberta

College of Physicians and Surgeons of Alberta CC'd as above

Dear CPSA:

I am sickened that a few seconds ago, Dr. K. Morin and his henchmen have again abused their privileges in order to stalk and threaten me. BTW, perhaps I must comment they are not supposed to do what they can get away with.

I notice sadly as well that you are not answering my letters. Perhaps it is time the public realized that nazi Germany couldn't work with peer review successfully either. I believe taking review of physicians conduct away from a boys club and into the domain of public conscience, far away from the understated sarcasm of the kind of 'guys and dolls' that get into med school these days, is a first step.

Cease and desist stalking me and releasing my private health info. It is a war crime; eg your labels are a war crime. YOur therapy when o.k. is cruel and unusual punishment, and the every day therapy is torture and against the Geneva convention. YOur hospital needs to be investigated for crimes against humanity. In a first attempt, I have submitted a complaint to the ethics and compliance mechanism...

Wit love to Natas'a,

Janine A.F.Sakowicz


Friday, February 5, 2010

UN: Torturers must pay victims

UN: Torturers must pay victims

I agree but waiting for payment and finding physicians who will deal with torture situations is not even my problem because I'm a "crazy". The context of helping victims and yourself must be faced and funded too not just the post torture utopia.

Monday, January 18, 2010

How can we share stories without fear, to protect our interests and strengthen our resolve?

Sometimes it seems that the mental health system is a way for the establishment to silence dissent, differences of opinion, and criticism of societal problems. the least of the concerns being peace of mind and conscience.

Recently, at AHE there have been incidents that go beyond simple negligance and overdrugging concerns.

Do you know of incidents at AHE that are shocking and should be shared?

Many people are hurt by the mental health system and it is time that we get together to complain, pool resources and stories.